The Central California Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative is dedicated to diminishing the silent epidemic of depression and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum. We are a group of professional nurses, psychiatrists, physicians, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and doulas. Through education, outreach, and advocacy, we work to raise awareness about how to recognize signs of perinatal depression and anxiety, find local resources, and improve informed professional care to support women suffering from this debilitating condition.


To provide expert resources and a supportive network that promotes the emotional well-being of women and their families before and after childbirth.


In order to move toward our vision, the Central California Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative will develop and maintain an array of resources to support women's mental health during the reproductive years, which include:

  1. Expand the use of screening, effective treatment, and coordinated care for women affected by perinatal mood disorders;
  2. Support training for health professionals and foster utilization of the training;
  3. Encourage use of evidence-based psychopharmacological treatment, when needed;
  4. Foster multi-disciplinary approaches to training and service delivery;
  5. Address the particular needs of the various populations to be served;
  6. Enhance the likelihood that women and their families who need it will agree to receive treatment for perinatal mental health issues;
  7. Assist in the development of authentic, mutual, and supportive relationships of mothers and babies; and
  8. Reduce the stigma of psychotherapy and increase the utilization of psychotherapy for women and their families.

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